Outputs information about the post author. If ID or Slug is provided, outputs the information about author of that particular post.

Short Code



Attribute Description Default Value
id ID of the target post. Optional
slug The slug of the target post. This takes precedence over ‘id’ attribute. If you use ‘id’ and ‘slug’ attribute, the ‘id’ attribute is ignored. Optional
type See get_the_author_meta() in WordPress Codex for more supported information types.

Following is a list of available types in plugin GUI for short code:

Type Attribute Value
Display Name display_name
Nick Name nickname
First Name first_name
Last Name last_name
Biographical Info description
Jabber jabber
AIM aim
YIM yim
Google Plus googleplus
Twitter twitter
Login Name user_login
Password user_pass
Email user_email
URL user_url
Registration Date/Time user_registered
Account Status user_status
Activation Key user_activation_key
Roles roles
Access Level user_level
Optional display_name