Outputs metadata of the post. If ID or Slug is provided, outputs the metadata of that particular post.

Short Code



Attribute Description Default Value
id ID of the target post. Optional
slug The slug of the target post. This takes precedence over ‘id’ attribute. If you use ‘id’ and ‘slug’ attribute, the ‘id’ attribute is ignored. Optional
format PHP Date Format or default as Settings -> General -> Date Format

In case of ‘type’ attribute is set to ‘comments-feed’, then valid formats are:

Format Attribute Value
Atom atom
RDF rdf
RSS rss
RSS 2.0 rss2
Optional In case of ‘comments-feed’ default is ‘rss2’

Otherwise, Date Format as per your WP Blog Settings

type Metadata such as Publish Date, Modified Date or Comments Feed Link.

Type Attribute Value
Publish Date post-date
Modified Date post-modified
Comments Feed Link comments-feed
Optional post-date